De Vitrine, Kolenkitbuurt, August 2015

Inspired from the traditional Japanese technique of Shibori, “the memory of a fold” is a pleated textile saturated with beetroot extracts. As beetroot pigments are not resistant to the UV present in daylight, their bright pink colour will slowly fade away during the exposing period in De Vitrine. After 6 weeks, the complete surface of the fabric will be unfolded, exposing an overlap of patterns created by sunlight and time.

On the 6th of August 2015, we unfolded our piece "the memory of a fold", disclosing to the audience a pattern created by daylight over the past 6 weeks in De Vitrine, The Bookstore Foundation.

pictures by Maarten Heijkamp

Special thanks to Beatrice Puijk

From 1961 to 1962, Jacques Bourlanges led a research on the oxidation of beetroot juices and their change of colour depending on pH and temperature, which inspired the work we present at De Vitrine


"COLOURS of JUICES and POWDER SOLUTIONS of RED BEETROOT in relation with pH and OXIDATION - REDUCTION POTENTIAL" is a special publication compiled for the exhibition "the Memory of a Fold" at De Vitrine.

Printed with RED BEETROOT JUICE, it contains silkscreened reproductions of Jacques Bourlanges' study diagrams on the change of colour of beetroot with various parameters.

GRAPHIC DESIGN by Cécile Tafanelli
Printed at MEHRSIEBDRUCK BERLIN with Roland Barth

30 copies