Khurtova / Bourlanges
in collaboration with Mark Leegsma

This research investigates the necessity of experiencing intimacy to be able to relate to the outer world, as well as intimacy’s constant need for maintenance against exterior forces. Using unfired clay bricks we construct intimate corners. Leaving them behind to be exposed to disintegrating force, we reconstruct those intimate structures each week, for an extended period of time.

"every corner in a house, every angle in a room, every inch of secluded space in which we like to hide, or withdraw into ourselves, is a symbol of solitude for the imagination; that is to say, it is the germ of a room, or of a house."

Gaston Bachelard
The Poetics of Space

Maintenance of Intimate Space – Research from Khurtova.Bourlanges on Vimeo.

In 2012, in Mali

With the project "Maintenance of Intimate Space", we have been researching in the past months on Malian Mud Architecture , s.a. the incredible Mosque of Djenne. We may never have the chance to see those endangered architectural structures in real, but I am convinced at least that our research is more relevant than ever...

Special Thanks to Mark Leegsma, Ma in Philosophy, Ma in Psychology

Made possible with the support of Mondriaan Fonds