GRA Award 2008

8 pieces 45 x 70 cm
Burn-out / silkscreened / thermoforming / digital Knitwear

Photography: Virginie Rebetez / samples: Audrey Corregan
Graphic design (publication): Xavier Fernandez Fuentes

Decay is a series of innovative textiles that sublimate or anticipate the broad semantic of decay. The resulting collection of eight knitted sweaters reveal the complex and intimate relationships between notions of Time, Body, Skin and Clothes. The pattern, an intricate collections of lines that ebb across the textile, originated from traces of use and body movements, registered with the use of a carbon paper suit.
The final pieces bear an ambiguous forensic feeling: even though they are newly made, the traces they carry express a past enigma that can’t absolutely be solved.

also see : DECAY (book)

From group exhibition
"Superstories" in Modemuseum, Hasselt, BE
Curated by Koos Flinterman