Cruquiusweg 120 - 2 Amsterdam

Initiated by four young designers, Krux is an innovative 1500 m2 workspace on the banks of the Rijnkanaal in the city of Amsterdam.

Designed as an efficient setting to research, create and produce, the space has been conceived in the image of a street, in which designers, artists and craftsmen share knowledge and tools. Twenty multidisciplinary residents are working in individual studios and benefit from communal facilities.

Thanks to the variety of mediums available, they can experiment and produce in a stimulating environment. With the ambition of being both a local and international platform, Krux organizes exhibitions, events, lectures and workshops, hosting guests and residents to reflect on industry, craftsmanship, economy and society.

photo credits: Krux Amsterdam

Thanxxx to Francois Dumas, Erasmus Scherjon, Dajo Bodisco & Gero Alsmuth