In September 2013 I presented with Van Zoetendaal editions at UNSEEN photo fair, a series of new prints from the project Decay.

Silkscreen prints of pure graphite flushed on paper are presented for the first time at Unseen Photofair 2013, as an echo to forensic and photographic revealing techniques.
The entire project has been recorded in a book, designed by graphic designer Xavier Fernández, which is available in a limited edition of 50 signed copies.

see Unseen Photofair Amsterdam 2013
and Willem van Zoetendaal

For the exhibition Unseen Photo Fair, Willem van Zoetendaal has selected a collection of works from contemporary artists that are related in one way or another with his own fascinations as a designer and collector.
For Unseen 2013, he has chosen to present an installation – a display/layout of images around the theme of textiles/patterns in which contemporary artists play a leading role.
Van Zoetendaal’s aim is to show his audience that the art of collecting is more than simply purchasing some random object. It is rather the manifestation of specific personal desires.

The contemporary artists taking part in Unseen are Marie Ilse Bourlanges, Harold Strak, Johannes Schwartz and Wynolt Visser.